The Post-Covid World

Covid-19 impact on business

With Covid-19 unfolding as a human tragedy all over the world, it has been harder to focus on the wider impacts. But even if we are still living in a strange world of quarantines, Zoom calls and social distancing, the major impact of Covid-19 is proving to be geopolitical rather than medical.

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Putin’s Parade: a distraction, but for how long?

Russia’s Military Parade 24 June ahead of the constitutional vote

We are supposed to believe that the threat of COVID-19 in Moscow and the rest of Russia is over, yet President Putin seems to be exhibiting insecurities prior to the upcoming vote on constitutional changes designed to keep him in power for another 12 years.

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ISIS will welcome Soleimani’s death

With ‘World War Three’ and ‘Franz Ferdinand’ trending on Twitter, social media appears to have made up its mind about the assassination of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) major general Qassim Soleimani via a US airstrike.

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